Monday, June 17, 2013

In Lies We Trust: The CIA, Hollywood, and Bioterrorism

[Update: same day.]

When faced with a truth they are not yet prepared to accept, men of otherwise intelligent and rational disposition will often resort to foolish, illogical, and sometimes even venomous means in order to maintain their beliefs.

Don’t let yourself be one of them.

Update: Same Day
At least by my perception, the title of this documentary could potentially mislead one into thinking this is just another conspiracy theory film offering proof that “all arms are part of the same octopus.”

While the film does do this indirectly, to think it the only purpose is also misleading.

More importantly, “In Lies We Trust” is about eugenics—a.k.a.: population control—a.k.a.: “global sustainability.” It’s about the intentional, slow and methodical decrease of the human population from 7 billion to 500,000 by seemingly natural causes. It’s about the origin of those “incurable” things we call “cancer,” “disease,” and “virus” and the elite’s active plan of injecting us with an abundance of toxic solutions which dramatically increase our likelihood of becoming unhealthy and thus pleading ignorantly for more. It is about the scam of vaccinations and their purported usefulness and necessity for a prosperous society.

And, as with all things, Hollywood handles the elite-to-peon (“pee on”) mind conditioning and plausible deniability end of things.

(Don't like conspiracy? Then watch the documentary for your health. Watch it for your children's health. Watch it for the sake of life itself... Clearly our current way is not working. So why not try something different?)

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