Friday, May 17, 2013

A Third Experience of High Strangeness

The Cloud Ship
I saw this in the sky when looking out the front window of my house on January 26th or 27th of this year.

…Okay, well I didn’t really see a 3-color bitmap image created in MS paint. But my depiction is highly similar to what I’d seen…

As much as I could tell, the sky was otherwise cloudless. Just a lonesome, flat white, symmetrically-shaped cloud wandering southward, faded a bit on the left side… and a face… like someone took the world’s biggest ice cream scoop and carved it right out.

My immediate thought on seeing it (the cloud only) was, “It’s a cloud ship.” When I noticed the face, my thought was pretty much confirmed. But, of course, we humans need our proof two, three, and fifteen times. So I sat on the floor while looking at the “cloud” and asked that if the ship/beings are of love and light to send me energetic confirmation.

As I sat there is a state of receptivity, I felt a charge of energy run through my body, and I briefly shook.

The Other Incidents
Above is the third of my “major” ET/UFO experiences. The other two can be found here:
An Experience of High Strangeness
A Second Experience of High Strangeness

Aside from those, I’ve had a number of other UFO experiences, one of which I have a second witness for. Except for one, all were similar to each other, though I’m unable to say with any certainty what I’d seen.

Generally, on multiple occasions I’ve seen what appear as individual spheres in the sky. For a number of reasons, they were difficult to visually discern.

Some of these I will not rule out as possibly being balloons. For example, I saw one of them around sunset. I noticed it when it was already quite high and far in the distance. It seemed to fluidly continue its progression higher and more distant. Also, it occasionally became brighter (in a reflective way), which leads me to think it was one of those metallic-like, seamed birthday balloons we might find at a party store with Sponge Bob Square Pants printed on it.

The others, however, were a bit more peculiar. They were relatively small, silver/gray spheres that seemed to do their own thing, caring not about what the wind was doing. If the wind was moving east, maybe they were too. Or maybe not. Maybe they moved, usually lazily, east, then upward, then west, then seeming stopping completely for a little while, then moving downward and against the wind, then… I’m sure you get the idea.

I can’t say with any certainty what these things were. Balloons? Maybe. ET crafts? Maybe. Self-conscious machines of a secret government project? Maybe. I really don’t know. (Hence, the “unidentified” part of UFO.)

What I do know is that I’ve been witness to some highly strange things floating in our skies, several of which were much more significant than the sighting of these smaller objects. I refuse to be so hasty or closed-minded as to think there has to be a “rational” explanation for any of this.

I noted above that “Except for one ["object"], all were similar to each other…” The different one I’d seen while taking a walk on a partly cloudy day some weeks or months before what I’m here terming my third experience.

The cloud had an appearance similar to this:

This one was at a lower cloud level and about three miles away. I would estimate it was around 300 feet or so both in height and width.

Confirmation That I’m on the Right Path
When I finished what I’ve written above, I got up to change my clothes. I also took a moment to look out the window (the same window I’d seen the cloud ship with the face from) and saw this rainbow halo:

Aside from the rainbow, something kept bugging me about the right side of this picture. After horsing around with the exhaustive repertoire of color modification options in MS Picture Manager, I came up with this altered image. Make of it what you will.

Publishing Uncertainty and Criticism
I almost published a post about my third experience just after it happened but then decided against it. I’m glad I didn’t then, but I am certainly pleased to be doing so now. My inspiration for publishing can be found in this short article: I UV – Paige: Is That an Effing Ship?… “Keep Your Eyes on the Skies”

Criticism was also a thought I had: the ol’ egoic: What will the family think? What will the friends think? What will all those people I don’t know and will never meet think?

To hell with it.

To those who would criticize, I ask you:

What if these experiences happened to you?

Think about yourself… your beliefs… your fears… your self-identity… your definition of reality… your mental concept of how you need to live so that others don't judge you in ways that contradict the external image you seek to maintain…

Would you dare to do what I am doing?

Would you dare to look like the fool?

Would you dare to speak of that which the government denies, religion disregards, and science claims to know little, if anything, about?

Would you dare to exist in an atmosphere where family, friends, and acquaintances look down on those who speak of such things?

Maybe, then, there is a very good reason why I’ve been tasked to do this…


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