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Solfeggio Frequencies: Healing with Sound

What Are They?
We might describe the Solfeggio Frequencies as “sacred vibrations.” They are very specific sound tunings or tones which carry the ability of bringing order to chaos; of revitalizing the body, easing the mind, balancing emotions, and reconnecting with Higher Awareness.

The frequencies and their characteristics are as noted below:

174hz – Removes pain
285hz – Repairs damaged tissue
396hz – Liberates guilt and fear
417hz – Undoes situations and facilitates change
528hz – Transformation and miracles (DNA repair)
639hz – Connecting and relationships
741hz – Awakens intuition
852hz – Returns spiritual order
963hz – Return to oneness

For a much deeper explanation of the Solfeggios, for other related information, and for downloads, I would recommend checking out the the following websites:

SomaEnergetics – Forgotten in Time: The Ancient Solfeggio Frequencies

Attuned Vibrations

Solfeggio Tones

Sounds of Wonder: Solfeggio System
I wanted to include this, although I haven’t yet checked most of it out myself. My initial feeling is that it’s some intensive stuff to try to wrap one’s mind around…if not of more importance (if one can) to forgo the whole mind thing and view the info through Higher Awareness. I’ve read a few articles by G.W. Hardin before. He is clearly a very intelligent and spiritual person and it shows in his work.

Scientists Prove DNA Can Be Reprogrammed By Words and Frequencies
Here is an article about wave properties and DNA (and some other interesting topics). This says nothing about the Solfeggios, but from it we can make inferences about the wave properties of the Solfeggio tones and their interaction with DNA. [Synchronicity: I only checked the time once while reading this article. It happened at 5:28.]

Because there is plenty of theoretical and practical information available from other researchers, for that area of things I will leave you to the links above and to your own further investigation. I want to focus this blog post on self-creation of tones, listening, and effects.

I know that listening recommendations and the effects of the Solfeggios are addressed on other sites, but I haven’t seen anything about self-creation.

For the first few weeks after coming across the Solfeggios, I listened to some of the free downloads from After this period, I decided to create and listen to my own files.

I did this for the reasons that I could set my own time duration and I would be able to create the sounds as .wav files. Because .wavs are uncompressed (unlike .mp3s), the sounds themselves are of a purer nature.

Be it known, however, that I am not a musical expert and have no software by which to create anything fancy. Quite the opposite… (But they do work, and I am content.)

The instruction I offer is for single frequency production only. The Solfeggio sites offer music and tuning forks, if either are your preferred method.

If you should choose self-creation…

You can create a file for each frequency with Audacity (free, open-source).

To do so:

In Audacity's menu bar, click “Generate,” then click “Tone…”

In the “Tone Generator” window, make sure “Waveform” is set to “sine” and “Amplitude (0-1)” is set to “1”. “Frequency (hz)” will have to be set as one of the nine given above. “Duration” is the time period, in seconds, you would like the tone to play for.

And that’s it.

In order to save a .wav, back on the menu bar, click “File,” then “Export…” If not the default, be sure the file type selected is “WAV (Microsoft) signed 16 bit PCM.” This will be followed up by an “Edit Metadata” window. You may fill it out if inclined, but (someone correct me if I’m wrong) I don’t think it matters. I don’t think .wav files carry metadata as would an .mp3 file. I think the only piece of identification a .wav file is noted by in an audio player is its file name.

If preferred, rather than making separate files for each frequency, Audacity allows the user to add files, tones, or whatever in a sequential manner. To do this, simply click the location on an already-created wave form where you would like to begin the next tone—and then generate that tone.

Take note that when creating only one .wav file the size can be quite huge. It’s approximately 5Mb/minute for .wav versus about 1.6Mb/minute for the standard 128Kb/s .mp3.

Also, when a tone is created there may be a kind of whine to it. I was able to remove this via the dropdown menu located under the play and pause buttons. The original setting is “MME.” By changing it to “Windows DirectSound,” the whine disappeared. If this is hardware based, it may not be consistent for all Windows PCs. In that case, one may need to tinker with whatever other options are available. (If the whine cannot be removed, the NCH Tone Generator [15-day free trial] can be used instead. This program is also quite easy to use.)

As for tone duration, I’d say about 2 to 4 minutes per tone is appropriate. It really depends on how much time one wants to spend listening.

I had originally used 4 minute tones, but to me this felt way too drawn out. Nowadays, I listen to them at 2 minutes each, so it comes out at 18 minutes in total. For a sitting or lying period of relaxation or meditation during the day or while lying in bed just before sleep, this seems reasonable.

Use stereo-quality headphones and lie on your back or sit comfortably. Be as relaxed as possible. Surrender and let your experience unfold as it may.

For me, being in a state halfway between wakefulness and sleep is best.

Are the Tones Working?
While listening one may sometimes feel peculiar energy movements and/or experience muscle twitches. Occasionally an unpleasant physical pain may arise unexpectedly only for it to disappear just as suddenly sometime later—maybe in seconds, maybe in a few days.

The Solfeggio frequencies aid in healing on many different levels. They help to shift around blocked, suppressed, and stagnant energies. Bizarre sensations and pain are, as far as I am aware, not to be fret over but a natural part of the process. (Use discretion. If you think you need to see a doctor then see a doctor. Be smart.)

Keep in mind that the Solfeggios are a tool, not a be-all, end-all miracle cure. These frequencies are but one aid among many to full body/mind/soul healing. I recommend going into the listening process without expectation and work them in in parallel with other self-cultivative healing techniques.

As for concrete evidence of their healing attributes, well, it may be specifically noticed and it may not. The amount of inner junk each of us has to work through can vary dramatically from person to person. So even though some websites say to listen daily for four to six weeks for best results, I remain skeptical about when or how the "best" results will become evident. Personally, I think it depends on how much crap we've got within and how willing we are to surrender it.

My recommendation to whomever is interested is to do the research, get the experience, and drawn your own conclusion.

In my own experience at my personal place in evolution, and beyond my seeing and reading of evidence presented on other websites, I cannot yet honestly say that I know, for instance, that my DNA is being repaired when listening to the 528hz sound frequency.

Sure, I’ve had the twitches and the shakes (which became more prevalent after a major energetic clearing), but it’s a process. And a subtle one at that. I have no conscious awareness of what is going on at that deep of a level. And any outward revealing of what happens—say, an increase in miracles—is too hard for me to discern as caused specifically via sound healing. I’m usually working on several self-cultivation practices at the same time, so I cannot readily attach my shifts in awareness or energy directly to the Solfeggios.

What I can say is that my Path has remained the onward and upward spiral that the grander awakening process is. The Solfeggios have been with me on and off in multiple week and month spurts for about a year or so now. I don’t doubt that they have been of greater service to me than my conscious awareness can perceive.

Why don't I doubt? Because something happens!

May you, too, benefit from the healing qualities which the Solfeggios frequencies provide.


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