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Metaphysical Causation of Dis-ease

[Update June 15, 2013: See “A Few Examples from My Own Life.”]

As Above, So Below.
As Within, So Without.

Below are two links which detail what are commonly described as metaphysical causes of physical dis-ease. Nearly every physical ailment we have is the result of a non-physical (mental, emotional, perhaps karmic) cause. If we can heal the metaphysical cause, the physically manifested issue will heal itself.

The websites are comprehensive reference tools. Louise L. Hay’s book You Can Heal Your Life is also a very good resource. Be sure to use discernment and intuition and compare resources.

@ Our Spiritual Nutrition
@ Vital Affirmations

This information can be helpful in discovering personal areas of healing that will rarely if ever be mentioned by the average medical practitioner. Whereas typical medical practice often seeks to modify the effect of a cause, taking action based the in knowledge of metaphysical causation, if and where applicable, will resolve the cause that created the effect to begin with.

This information can be useful for discovering the cause of dis-eases typically believed to be “just part of the human condition” and for those claimed by the medical community as “unknown.”

Please note, though, that having this information doesn’t negate the help of a physician. One may recognize the true cause of an issue, but chances are slim to none that simple recognition will heal it. Some amount of professional treatment may still be necessary. This information should be used as a complement to other healing methodologies.

If you’re unfamiliar with metaphysical causation, I would recommend reviewing some of the conditions and their descriptions. While doing so, consider them in relation to your own issues and the issues of people you know.

Needless to say, I don’t mean this egoically. We’re not doing this to judge (ourselves or others) but to get a sense for the validity of the material. Nor is this about suddenly becoming aware of all the deeper problems of people you know and trying to tell them about it. (Recall what I said in “For the Love of Spiritual Awakening” in regard to non-interference.)

Instead, my intention is to draw our attention to the fact that what we get in the physical isn’t always caused by the physical. Sure, if we’re consuming two pounds of refined sugar on a daily basis, our dental issues are highly likely to be related to the physical, to something as simple as diet. (Diet should always be considered as a factor when assessing the origin of dis-ease.)

Yet there are some who do eat well and still visit the dentist’s office with uncommon frequency. It’s at this point where it may be worth looking for a deeper cause. A basic knowledge of metaphysical causation can help.

For the record, when using a search engine for this information, I search using the word metaphysical—for example: “metaphysical cause of tendonitis.” I want to point out that I do this for conventional purposes only. In my opinion, the word metaphysical, although accurate, can be somewhat misleading based on (what I perceive to be) a general cultural belief that metaphysical means “spiritual.” (Similarly, sometimes these are specifically labeled as spiritual causes, which I think is even more misleading.)

In a sense, yes, metaphysical can mean “spiritual.” But in and of itself, just breaking the word down, we get meta and physical; that is, “beyond the physical.” So, really, this could simply mean “mental” or “emotional.” It’s not indicative of some cultish, mystical, far-out phenomenon.

A Few Examples from My Own Life
In my teenage years I was very unhappy, very anxious about things. I felt uncomfortable wherever I went and didn’t want to be wherever I was whenever I was there. Is it any surprise then that at this same time in my life I suffered from a mild case of Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS). Nearly every time I sat down my right calf muscle would pump up and down continuously. It was like the Energizer Bunny—it kept going and going and going and going

When I finally cleared out the mental and emotional blockages and the suppressed fears and anxieties, when I finally began to feel comfortable in my own skin, the RLS symptoms stopped. Nowadays, it's effortful to keep my right leg bouncing even if I focus on it. The moment I take my attention away it stops.

Another condition came up when I was in karate. I got a skin rash, my assumption being that I picked it up in the dojo. I was the only person to get it. It was a comparatively mild case, but it was a bitch of a thing nonetheless. It lasted six months and spread with ease.

And what was it for? Why did I get it, me with an outstanding bill of health? Because during that time of my life I was making rash decisions. It took me a little while to figure it out, but seriously…short of God walking right up to me and saying: “Oh, for God’s sake, John. Would you just get doing what you know you’re supposed to be doing already!” could there really be any more direct of a way of focusing my attention on the exact problem than by writing rash all over my upper body?

The third and final example I’ll mention here is the clumsiness I used to carry around with me and the lousy situations I repeatedly found myself in. You, dear reader, may know what I mean all too well. Ever and anon—hitting my head, slamming elbows, stubbing toes, banging knees; being slighted by my boss, being degraded by friends, and so on.

…Until I straightened out and stopped complaining about everything. If we create our own personal reality with our thoughts and beliefs—and we do—why wouldn’t life continue giving me ever more reason to complain? I mean, by whining all the time, am I not telling life what I want? I want to complain! That’s why I keep doing it. So why wouldn’t life continually give me exactly what I’m asking for?

[Update 6/15/13:] Another very valuable point is that my clumsiness was a matter of dishonesty.

Remember: As above, so below; as within, so without. What occurs at the higher, more subtle levels—within the mind—is reflected in the lower, more concrete levels—within the physical realm.

Clumsiness comes down to self-honesty. How so? Because the only real block to self-awareness is whether we are telling ourselves the truth or not. A person can’t be both cognizant of the truth and consciously unaware at the same time.

I certainly wouldn’t have wanted to admit this back then, but it’s now beyond obvious that most of what I’d believed was mostly wrong most of the time. Because I wasn’t being self-honest, I had minimal capacity for self-awareness. My regular jamming of fingers and such were merely concrete hints that something was haywire within my mind’s Department of Integrity.

Clarity: Maybe, Maybe Not
When examining one’s self under the light of metaphysical causation, sometimes the answer is clear and sometimes not.

If it’s clear, we may be able to fully and naturally heal what has been of dis-ease and maybe not. As I mentioned above, yes, by getting my act together I was also able to more readily deactivate the skin rash. I “got” its message and took action. However, short of surgery, a miracle, or maybe a dramatic shift in human evolution, I may very well be dependent on glasses for the rest of my life even should my “fear of the future” (nearsightedness) completely cease.

Sometimes the metaphysical cause isn’t clear.

In one regard it could be that it’s difficult to find a description for the condition that is appropriate to us; that none of the descriptions we find feel “right.” Then we have to consider it from a different perspective. We have to start looking at things associated with the condition itself as well as our lifestyle and personality.

I can’t recall where I’d seen it, but the other day I saw a description for diabetes that said: “Unable to enjoy the sweetness of life.” Is that creative or what? No matter, it can also be very true for at least a portion of those people who suffer from it.

Another reason why a metaphysical cause is unclear is that it would seem metaphysics (at least how we think of it in this case) has nothing to do with it. For instance, what about a child who is born shortsighted? How do we blame it on metaphysical causation? The child didn’t even have time to pick up fearful beliefs of the future.

It’s at a point like this where it may be necessary to consider something further outside the box. Doing so steps beyond the border of metaphysical causation, at least as it’s been discussed here. Yet it’s worth noting if only to get our minds churning in an alternate direction. I’ve found that the more avenues of thought I allow myself to travel down, no matter how obscure or mind-bending they may at first seem, the more sense I am able to make of this existence. A few of these alternate avenues are:

1.) Karma, or the balancing of what had been given in a time or life out of memory.
2.) “Karmic heredity.” Heredity itself might be a consideration (or an excuse), but certain hereditary conditions can be broken. For example, it may be said that, "Nearsightedness is in my family’s genes." Even if this is factual, perhaps it is only a false assumption that it must be this way for eternity. Perhaps the family has carried a fear of the future from generation to generation, and if any individual should overcome that fear, then the cycle of nearsightedness would be broken for the next generation.
3.) A mother’s own fear-of-the-future vibration instilled in her child while in the womb.
4.) A choice made at the soul level for reasons that we of lacking spiritual awareness can’t necessarily know or understand. At which point it may be best to surrender to what is and move on.

Overall, I think it’s worthwhile to consider metaphysical causation when dis-ease arises. Although it may only provide us with a starting point, a starting point can mean the world when we’d otherwise have nothing.


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