Monday, December 10, 2012

One-Minute Chakra Awareness Exercise

[If you are unfamiliar with the human chakra system, I recommend beginning here: “Chakras—Theoretically.”]

I would like to offer a practice I’ve been doing recently. The whole process takes about one minute and is simple to do. It helps return focus to the present moment and brings a stronger awareness of the energy body.

For best results, my suggestion is that this exercise be repeated three successive times upon waking, three times before bed, and as several single (or more) repetitions throughout the day.

The One-Minute Chakra Awareness Exercise
Position yourself:
If standing: Stand with your feet just beyond shoulder-width. Knees should be straight but not locked. Bend your elbows so that your forearms are parallel with the floor. Palms face upward, hands relaxed.

If sitting: Sit cross-legged/lotus/what-is-comfortable-but-alert. Rest hands on/near knees, relaxed, with palms facing upward.

Align your back:
Whether standing or sitting be sure your back is straight. That is, lower back is in (not flared-out as some people are wont to doing), shoulders back, and head back. (The head and neck posture may feel slightly odd at the base of the skull if unused to it, but you’ll know you’ve hit it if breath flow is very smooth.)

Close your eyes.
Take a moment to sense that your body feels comfortably positioned. Adjust as needed.

Breathe, visualize, and feel:
While inhaling, visualize a beam of pure white light descending into your crown chakra, down through the centerline of your body (along which the chakras are aligned), and out your base (root) chakra as a root system, down into the Earth’s core. See Earth's energy coming back up to you. Be open to any energetic shifts, however subtle.

When prepared, on an exhale, visualize a red light in the area of your root chakra. Accompany this with the thought: I am safe. Through the exhale and into the next inhale, continue seeing the chakra and feeling its aliveness. Exhale to inhale time ratio should be about 4:1.

On each of the following exhale-inhale sets, move your attention to the next vertically adjacent chakra. Visualize each energy center while mentally reciting its associated affirmation as noted below.
[Root – Red – I am safe.]
Sacral – Orange – I am sexual.
Solar Plexus – Yellow – I am self-empowered.
Heart – Green – I am love.
Throat – Blue – I am self-expressive.
Third Eye – Indigo – I am intuitive.
Crown – Violet – I am self-aware.

When finished with the crown chakra, bring your attention to the whole of your physical body. On the exhale, visualize your body as of white light which emanates out to a two- or three-foot distance around you. This is paired with the thought, I am light. Feel the totality of any subtle sensations which present themselves and see the incoming light and grounding roots, your body as light, and all chakras lit up accordingly.


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