Monday, July 21, 2014

Symbols of an Alien Sky

Nothing serves a man greater than his willingness to keep an open mind.

Nothing hurts a man more than his belief that he already “knows.”

Science can never truly serve man until each of its now-disparately-perceived fields are honored as inextricably related to each other and, collectively, as but a facet of the One Great Whole.

I think this is so awesome. For me, it is one of those magnificent pieces of “The Puzzle” that comes along and changes our awareness, our thought patterns, our belief in what came before and what is possible in the most radical of ways.

All laid out in a cohesive and anything-is-possible yet data-driven format.

Topics covered include:
  • Planetary positioning and geography.
  • What ancient “gods” really were.
  • The cosmic, cross-cultural relationship between ancient and “modern” religious and cultural symbolism and gods, and how electricity has a massive role in all of it.
  • “The Electric Universe” and plasma discharge on a cosmic scale.
  • The geography of Mars… as crafted by cosmic-scale lightning, with scientific validation and as-above-so-below logic to (damn near) prove the accuracy of it all.
  • ”The Electric Comet”… Completely redefining standard comet theory; comet composition and topography, point of origin, source of gas-jet emissions, et al.
  • Evidence (for lack of a better term) that NASA (a.k.a. Never A Straight Answer) is deliberately avoiding the truth even though they are at a loss for explanation while alternate science has offered abundantly rational data to prove their electric-theory findings.

Symbols of and Alien Sky (Episode 1)

Symbols of and Alien Sky: The Lightning Scarred Planet, Mars (Episode 2)

Symbols of and Alien Sky: The Electric Comet (Episode 3)

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Metaphysical Causation: A Logical Approach

There exists a lot of ignorance among the world’s population in regard to the body-mind-emotion connection.

One major field we see this in is modern medicine.

We go to the doctor with a physical or emotional dis-ease and the doctor prescribes a physical medication which we need to take for months or years—perhaps a lifetime—in order to “get better” or "heal." Even worse is when we go to a mind doctor for a mental or emotional issue and are, oddly, prescribed the same thing as above—a physical medication.

Barring the hellish side effects that regularly result from these medications, I’m not going to say that they are absolutely worthless. There is value in everything if we know where to look. (Like learning about and thus, hopefully, avoiding what doesn’t work, and instead finding what truly does.) However, the problem with medication is that, by its nature of being physical, it can only modify what is physical; that is: an effect. Even surgery is only one step “better” for it seeks to fix dis-ease by cutting it out. The deeper cause of the physical malady remains untouched.

This is the reason that we never truly heal after surgery. No, we recover… we re-cover: we cover again the deeper, suppressed hurt that has manifested physically in hopes we’d release it but chose to look away from by cutting it out instead.

What we would do well to understand is that we cannot ignore the body-mind-emotion connection. It is always there. It is an unseparable aspect of the human experience.

We cannot say: It was mind over matter. He was able to lift that car off his friend because his mind took complete control. Limitations [false realities based on false perceptions based on false beliefs!] were temporarily forgotten. Nor can we say: I put my mind into all this college work and now I earned this fantastic job, but then assume that the dis-ease we experience is completely the fault of a person who sneezed near us or only due to our polluted city water.

How easy it is for us to seek approval for those “good” things that we experience, yet the “bad”—No, Sireee! I’ve got nothing to do with that!

Think about it. Without injecting any fancy words into this like metaphysical or spiritual, think about it… It is so simple. It is so obvious. It is only our fearful rejection of our “bad” side and our unwillingness to acknowledge the true level of individual responsibility, or personal power, we have over our lives that make it appear otherwise…

We have a certain experience. By egoic fashion, when the experience occurs the mind says: What past info is in my database to tell me how to re-act to this type of scenario?

Ah, says the ego mind. I hate people like this. I am supposed to be angry. And so we label the experience “bad” or “wrong,” the emotion of anger arises, and, very likely, we create some form of resentment-driven drama.

Take note that this experience doesn't just bring up a few distasteful thoughts, but a totality-of-us imbalance.

We’ve all had this experience. Something uncomfortable happens to us, we re-act to our discomfort by denying its what is nature, and then we attempt to justify why everything and everyone is wrong besides us. This may carry on for days or months or years. Even when the initial discomfort seems to have disappeared, it’s merely gone subconscious, waiting for a similar trigger experience to bring it to the surface once again.

In other words: The negativity that we experience and hold onto as the result of re-action-ary discomfort remains within us as physical, mental, and emotional imbalance.

Just because the physical experience may appear over, just because the people have parted, the words have been said, and we’ve consciously forgotten about our discomfort, doesn’t mean that discomfort isn’t hurting us.

As predictable as clockwork, the mind carries an imbalance which produces a negative emotional re-action. This emotion, though it may remain unconsciously carried, changes the body’s physiology. The heavier the issue, the stronger the physiological shift. The longer the issue goes unhealed, the longer the imbalance lasts and the more opportunity it has to accumulate with other negative charges (repeated or different) and create a greater physiological imbalance.

And what does abnormal body chemistry do? It creates physical dis-ease!

We experience this every single day yet still have an incredible ability to deny these very same workings when it comes to dis-ease.

We become angry and our bodies heat up. We get worried and our guts feel funny. We feel nervous and we sense “butterflies” in our stomachs. We are forever experiencing our bodies’ physiology changing according to the interpretations of our individual minds and their resultant emotional re-actions.

That being said... If we can put so much time and energy and positive thought and emotion into what we want and, indeed, get it, why wouldn’t it be equally true that if we put all sorts of time, energy, thought, and emotion into the negative that we would manifest that also?

Still we may argue saying: Sounds reasonable, John. But c’mon. Surely, it wasn’t I who created this cancer within me. It wasn’t I who created this arthritis or IBS or heart disease.

Then who did?

Who other than you is responsible for your choosing of cabbage over cake?
Who other than you is responsible for your choosing a smile over a frown?
Who other than you is responsible for your choosing the bike over the sofa?
Who other than you is responsible for your choosing a book over the TV?
Who other than you is responsible for your choosing forgiveness over resentment?
Who other than you is responsible for your choosing moderation over excess?
Who other than you is responsible for your choosing love over hate?

Who other than you is responsible for your choosing life over death?

Who other than you is responsible for the physiological balance or imbalance within your body that changes based on your physical, mental, and emotional decisions?

And so it is only you who can take control of what type of energy you carry in your physical, mental, and emotional bodies and thus the physiology that determines health or dis-ease.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Multi-Vitamin: You’re Daily Dose of Dis-ease?

[Update 4/21/14: New section added. "A Solution"]

My Candidiasis healing process has been very intuitive.

Every time something discomforting has come up, I have stated my willingness to release the pattern in my consciousness that created it and my willingness to change. I have repeatedly requested God’s help in revealing to me what is required, internally or externally, for healing. Everything necessary has come. As such, most every healing action I’ve taken has felt “good” in some way; has felt “right.”

Vitamin and mineral (V&M) supplementation, however, has a different story…

I’d read on a number of Candida-related websites, mostly alternative and/or holistic healing ones, that vitamin supplementation is very important to healing.

This made sense to me. After the majority of symptoms hit me around September, my weight went from about 155 to 135. I was feeling depressed and fatigued and my intestines were all out of whack, unable to properly absorb nutrients (among several other difficulties). It seemed sensible to me that one in such a position would want to supplement food intake with added V&M’s.

(For those of you who know I’ve been a 5-year vegetarian, I did reintroduce seafood and poultry. I don’t think there’s any way around the inclusion of meat when having Candida overgrowth, since all fruits, potatoes, beans, etc.—anything sugary or breaking down into a sugar—must be removed from the diet.)

So, off I went to the grocery store with a few items in mind:
  • Multi-vitamin (Take one a day for good health, right?)
  • Calcium (Oxalates were destroying my teeth.)
  • Multi-B vitamin (Valuable, but can’t recall my reasoning.)
  • Vitamin C (Supposedly supports immune health.)
Like any processed ingestible, I’d known that V&M’s on the grocery store shelf aren’t always the best. I’d known that their filler ingredients can be less-than-desirable. But I was also of the mind that others who have been through the Candida ordeal were recommending V&M’s, and I knew I would do well to compensate for my malabsorption issues.

As I said, intuition has remained clear throughout this process. (Continually more clear than ever in my life, actually.) Yet, even though I basically knew what I wanted, I spent 15 minutes in the supplement aisle. Something didn’t feel “right.” I’m not sure I want to say it felt “wrong,” per se, but I certainly hadn’t felt any warm and fuzzy feelings, either.

As it happened, I ended up purchasing a container of each of the above mentioned V&M’s…

Which, in the end, I took sporadically until throwing most of them in the garbage.

Here’s what I found on my journey:

1.) What Is This Stuff, Anyway?
What must be understood up front is that the vitamins and minerals found in capsule form (and in "fortified" foods) are rarely the same as the stuff found in nature. The majority of supplements are derived from artificial sources such as coal tars, petroleum, and rock salts which are typically processed using toxic acids.

Furthermore, the fact that a supplement’s label uses words like “natural” or “vegetarian” means nothing. For example, the only thing “vegetarian” means is that a supplement's contents are non-meat-derived. The notion that "vegetarian" implies a plant food-based source is a (false) belief, not an industry regulation.

Understandably, the human body processes and reacts to lab-created “V&M’s” very differently than their truly natural, or food-derived, counterparts—usually to the extent of causing dis-ease rather than preventing it.

The Truth about Vitamins in Nutritional Supplements

The Truth about Minerals in Nutritional Supplements

2.) The FDA’s Role
Hence, one of the reasons why supplements always have the marking on them stating that the statements on the bottle about improved health have not been approved by the FDA: Because the compounds in the capsules (example: Not “Vitamin C,” but “Vitamin C [as Ascorbic Acid]”) are not only artificial but even dangerous. (See the two links above for two heavily researched documents revealing this.)

There’s also the reasoning that if the FDA were able to approve these supplements as completely safe and healthy there would result an “unbearable” profit loss to Big Business and the pharmaceutical industry. So, the FDA just avoids the research.

…But that’s okay, because the supplements are labeled as “USP-Verified”… Which means that whatever that stuff is in the bottle has been verified according to the "stringent testing and auditing criteria" of the United States Pharmacopeia as exactly what they want it to be…

…I’m not really sure what “what they want it to be” is (artificial, perhaps?), but research shows clearly that it’s neither food-based nor healthy.

3.) Percent Daily Value (%DV)
More often than not, the %DV as prescribed by the FDA for any given vitamin, mineral, etc. is for the chemical concoction only, as noted on the supplement’s ingredient label (i.e.: “Vitamin E” vs “Vitamin E [as dl-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate]”).

This is not to say that even we’re we to have pure supplements we can recklessly ignore every %DV the FDA has suggested as though there will be no unhealthy side effects, but to acknowledge that the %DV is highly misleading. In the last several years, I’ve come upon a number of accounts of people who take certain pure, food vitamins in astronomically high quantities only to become healthier. To take amounts even remotely close via a true vitamin’s chemical “equivalent” would be suicide.

The Top 10 Myths about Eating Fruit
(See Point 4.)

Food Matters (Documentary)
(If I remember correctly, the account is given where a man was administered daily quantities of Vitamin C that were exorbitantly higher than the FDA’s %DV for “the same thing.” This resulted in the man’s cancer dramatically subsiding.)

4.) What's All This Non-Vitamin Stuff?
Be wary of filler ingredients.

Even the supplements that put words in their brand names like “nature” and “pure” are still commonly toxified with fillers and additives. "Magnesium stearate" is probably the best example: although it is known to prevent nutrient absorption and suppresses immune function (among other things), it remains in heavy usage only because of it's ability to reduce production costs.

Magnesium Stearate – Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Six Crucial Things to Watch Out for When Buying Vitamins and Supplements

Does Your Supplement Contain this Potentially Hazardous Ingredient?

4 Dangerous (and Common) Vitamin Fillers You Must Avoid

5.) I Can’t Poop!
One day it dawned on me after having chronic and severe constipation and regularly taking a few different supplements: Hey, wait a minute. Doesn’t iron cause constipation?

Indeed it does, and indeed it was in my multi-vitamin—100%DV.*

Shit. And what about the other stuff?

As my Candida experience came along with both Leaky Gut Syndrome (which disables proper nutrient processing by the intestines) and a hyper-reactivity to the oxalate content of plant-based foods (oxalates bind with tooth-calcium which leads to dental decay), I thought it couldn’t hurt to take supplemental calcium.**

The recommendation on the label was to take 2 pills per day, each having 50%DV calcium. Well, thought I, if my calcium is what is being leeched from my teeth and I’m not absorbing it properly to begin with, then I’ll try 2 caps per day and see what happens.

Bad idea! The container says really big: CALCIUM. Then, in a small note on the side bottom, the label says, with D3.”

Well… Guess what, folks? While one capsule of calcium—you know, calcium, the big word on the label that tells me what I’m buying—provides a 50%DV... one capsule of this same supplement provides 100%DV of D3.

Son of a bitch! Talk about false advertising… And, so I learned, both calcium and D3 cause constipation! So, if one ingests the suggested daily dosage of 2 caps per day, that’s:

(50% + 100%) + (50% + 100%) = 300% Daily Value of Constipation!

[*Iron’s natural food “equivalent” doesn’t cause constipation; only the supplemental form.

**Majorly misguided was this move. The belief that teeth need calcium, nearly to the exclusion of any other V&M, is completely false. All V&M’s must work both in tandem with a number of other V&M’s and with their nature-sourced attachments (meaning the V&M’s are in non-isolate form) or the body will perceive them as toxins… which results in the body’s immune response kicking in unnecessarily and possible dis-ease.]

In Conclusion
I was played for a fool.

But I’ve learned. I’ve learned a lot.

Hopefully you have, too.

Update 4/21/14: A Solution
So… Basically what the above boils down to is that 99% of the nutritional supplements we find in grocery and drug stores are garbage. (Unfortunately, many of these same supplements are also found in “health food” stores.) They’re acid-processed rock-, coal tar-, and petroleum-based toxins—often used in substances such as fire-retardants, fertilizers, varnishes, etc.—that can be manufactured for cheap and sold to the unwitting masses who buy them up by the ton, thus perpetuating the dis-ease which causes them to buy supplements to begin with.

What then are we to do? As suggested prior:

Consume only whole food-sourced nutritional supplements.

To elaborate, I’ll use an example from my own experience:

Due to Candida-caused symptomology, necessary dietary restrictions, and my stubbornness to change more willingly, my year-long bout of Candidiasis has caused me a host of further physical problems. A severe calcium deficiency and occasional hypocalcemia (low blood-calcium) are two of them; the former coming from dietary lack and poor absorption rates, the latter stemming from thyroid troubles and regular usage of magnesium-based laxatives.

Although I didn’t originally realize calcium as the culprit for a newer set of symptoms, it became apparent when I analyzed my diet and found that even on a good day I was consuming only about 25% of the RDA for calcium intake. This had been on-going for six months or so.

Yet, if I could eat only minimal to none of the foods highest in calcium as not to further aggravate existing issues, what in the world could I do?

After reading the document “The Truth about Minerals in Nutritional Supplements,” I knew there was no way in the universe I’d take the mainstream calcium supplements sourced from limestone. No way, no how.

Enter: New Chapter.

New Chapter is the maker of whole food-sourced nutritional supplements and a God-send. Among many other things, New Chapter offers the following calcium supplements: New Chapter – Bone Strength Take Care. (I would highly recommend reading the info on this site, as it’s a bit more detailed than on the packaging below.)

A few valuable points about this form of calcium supplement versus the rock-sourced:
  • Food-sourced calcium is better absorbed by the body by a factor of 7.
  • Food-sourced calcium is in non-isolate form, whereas the limestone-sourced calcium used in most supplements is in isolate form. In other words, calcium, like all food-sourced V&M’s, must be joined with certain other V&M’s, as found in nature, and in a properly proportioned ratio in order to be utilized properly by the body. Limestone-sourced calcium is usually supplemented in a stand-alone form or only with (equally artificial) Vitamin D added. This results in the calcium depositing itself in tissues and arteries rather than in bone. Vitamin K , magnesium, and vitamin C are also very important for proper absorption and utilization.*
  • As for cost, I found them on, going for $35.97 for a 144 count bottle. This alone says a lot considering that supermarkets sell the limestone-sourced calcium supplements in 100-200 count bottles for around $10.00, more often than not on special as Buy One, Get One Free.

Overall, I’ve been super-impressed with the New Chapter calcium supplements. I’ve been using them solidly for a month now and they are really nothing short of a miracle in tablet form. Each day, I’ve been taking a multi-vitamin and a vitamin C tablet (also from New Chapter) as well. I’ve really noticed a marked improvement in my health since taking these.

I’ve been using the following websites to give me some rough estimates on nutrient intake. Lots of valuable information.

World’s Healthiest Foods

Eat This Much

Health Alternatives

[*Hardening of the arteries and stiff muscles, anyone? This calcium bit goes for you folks on high cholesterol medications, also. Look at the pharmaceutical names for drugs such as Crestor and Lipitor. They’re telling you right there that they contain calcium. Not only is this calcium in isolate, rock-sourced form, but, beyond what is stated above, calcium requires a certain balance with magnesium (approximately 2:1) for proper muscle contraction and relaxation. Magnesium allows calcium in and out of muscle cells. When the cal-mag balance isn’t maintained, the calcium gets deposited into the muscle tissue causing contraction, but it can’t get back out. This is at least one major reason why so many people who are on medication for high cholesterol have leg disabilities.]

Friday, January 24, 2014

Letting Go and Moving On

“Sometimes in your life you will go on a journey. It will be the longest journey you have ever taken. It is the journey to find yourself.”
--Katherine Sharp

Alright, folks. Here’s the latest and greatest:

My candida odyssey is still ongoing, but I have much reason to believe that I’ve seen the worst of it—by far.

Healing is a slow process. Since my yeast infection came on about 9 months ago… well, once I realized there was a major issue, anyway… intuition has been an ever-trustworthy sidekick. I’ve never gone to the doctor. I’ve stated my willingness and intention to change, I’ve done the research, I’ve “read into myself” and done the self-help work, and I’ve done the affirmations. All the guidance I’ve needed for healing has come to me—sometimes by miraculous means, and sometimes through average, everyday people who may have stated things that I didn’t originally want to hear (because it was different or new or ego-filled) but found to be incredibly useful advice once I decided to listen unconditionally (that is: to audibly pay attention without judgment).

Furthermore, the knowledge, life lessons, and insights I’ve so far gathered have been wonderful.

However, the human inclination for stubbornness to face discomfort and release old ways as well as the body’s extended time requirement for rebalancing after a yeast infection has resulted in a rather lengthy healing time.

The redness in my eyes (as I’ve brought up in earlier posts), which can be a sign of intestinal inflammation, is definitely receding. I can now spend several hours per day at a computer with minimal issue, whereas at one recent point I couldn’t look at a screen for five minutes without great irritation. Otherwise, most other symptoms have passed. The real bitch now is candida die-off, as it floods the body with toxins and adds some added discomfort (usually moderate to severe fatigue) to a body already weak and skeletally thin.

So… That’s the candida update for now.

In other news…

I am “letting go” of this blog.

For one thing, the past year of 2013 has been the most difficult of my life and has brought a lot of imbalance to my attention which, now seen so clearly, can no longer go unhealed. I need time to focus on healing these issues.

The out-of-the-blue realization that I could write and the wisdom and insights I’ve intuitively gained in the last few years have shown me that I can use an outlet such as blogging as a means of reaching out to others—not me offering help only because others were a reflection of my own need for help but me offering assistance from a soul level calling.

Nonetheless, although I’ve learned from healing some major life issues and consequently been able to unlock within myself aspects previously unimagined, I have not cleared everything. Especially now, as the yeast infection has shown me, I’ve got a major life issue or two which have surfaced and must be fully resolved.

If I cannot help myself, how can I help another?
How can I give what I do not have?

Along these lines, the personal services page will be pulled. If you would still like to contact me, feel free. Even if I don’t update for 2 or 3 months at a shot, I’ll still be around.

Secondly, I’ve been out of work for a while.

This blog has proven very useful for me during this time, both as a means of self-expression and as a learning experience. Hopefully it has been useful for you, also.

As of late I’ve been feeling much more inclined to return to a more hands-on approach to life, learning, and connecting with others. I desire to get back to working on another passion of mine which is fabricating and assembling things; preferably, automated machinery. In this role I will be able to do what I love while also having more person-to-person interaction… And I’ll get paid, too. After taking time off, that’s a pretty big deal.

As I write this, I don’t intend to close the blog, yet updates will be sparse.

As I see it, writing may still be in my future. One thing I would like to do is make a post about my candida odyssey once it is completed. It’s clear to me that if I would have been exacting in my actions with the awareness I’ve gained in regard to the dis-ease, I could have been done with it in a few months. This was not the case and so it lingers.

(This lingering can be stressful at times, but I must acknowledge that it’s a damn good way the Universe has used to show me what is still out of whack at a mental-emotional level. There are some aspects of myself I wish to no longer carry, but I sure wouldn’t have acknowledged them, and so continued my blind suffering, without being forced to step beyond my own stubborn unwillingness to see the truth.)

I hope to offer a post with information; links; low-cost, alternative healing methods; and the like that can offer those who suffer from candida overgrowth an easier way out than what modern Western medicine can provide. (So I say based on every account—usually multi-year horror stories—I’ve read where people visit traditional Western doctors only for their conditions to worsen. Plus, as I’ve experienced myself, failure to address the metaphysical cause which brought on the illness is also a significant factor in its continuance.)

Lastly, if you’ve followed me on Twitter, know that my account is going bye-bye. I created it mostly for blog post sharing, but, as I never became a traffic-funneling Twitter mastermind and it causes my blog to get about 90 percent more spam than actual human beings, I plan to close the account.

All that said… I’ll update when and if I update… and I won’t update when and if I don’t!

Thank you for reading!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Missing In Action

Back in July I made the comment near the end of a blog post that I didn’t think I’d be writing as much for the foreseeable future. I thought I’d still be posting regularly, just less. What I didn’t expect, and as things have turned out, is that I would end up posting next to nothing for several months straight.

With that same comment, I stated that my life was turning up after a springtime Dark Night of the Soul experience. Although this appeared to be true (at least in an emotional sense), I was quite blind to the events that would soon follow... and take me back down into a prolonged state of dis-ease.

Around summertime I began experiencing symptoms of what I now know to be Candidiasis paralleled with what I’m terming an Oxalate Overdose. I’ve been working toward healing, physically and metaphysically, for a few months now. To say these issues are persistent is an understatement. It seems that nearly every time I feel I’ve cleared something up or made an advancement, I am either proven wrong, I slip up in my diet and supplement regimen, or another aspect of the complete picture rears its ugly head.

Basically, this is where I’ve been and this is where I’m at right now. I’ve learned a great deal in the process, so for that reason it’s been a blessing in disguise. Yet what an ordeal it has been…

As for this blog, it’s anyone’s guess when I’ll be back to writing regularly. I’ve had minimal inspiration to write in the last few months and that was only a few weeks ago. Even there, however, both because my sickness makes my eyes particularly prone to strain when using a computer (this seems to be improving) and because my body is often in a state of mild depression and fatigue, I have had little desire to type up or publish any of my works-in-progress.

Anyway… That’s it for now.

May you have a joyful holiday.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Self-Sabotage – Part 1: The Unwitting Destroyer

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Fair enough. And what about the fearful? When the going gets tough, what happens to them?

They create stories.

Stories about how things should be different. Stories about how they don’t want to be involved. Stories about how they're afraid of their own power. Stories about how they are afraid of their situation and possible outcomes. Stories about how they would do anything to not be in their current position.

For most fearful people these stories may not seem all that big of a deal. After all, they’re just imagining fanciful hopes about how they would prefer their experience to play out… Aren’t they?

Empowered Creation
By nature, we are all creating at some level all the time.

Generally speaking, most of us are creating unconsciously. We have no awareness of our true capacity to create, and we have little if any control over or focus in our thoughts. Thus it seems for us that, although we can make a few “creative” choices like what we eat for dinner or what kind of car we buy, life otherwise just seems to happen.

Others of us, a relative few, are more conscious of our ability to create with our thoughts. We are aware we are co-creators and we have developed some greater degree of thought and focus management. This allows us to consciously direct our lives toward the experiences that will aid us in attaining our higher good.

Regardless of the amount of awareness we have in co-creating our life experience, however, it is the most empowered of us who are the most likely to get what we want. For it is the empowerment—the emotional power—behind our thoughts that determines how readily our thoughts (etheric energy) take on form (physical energy). Good intention, bad intention, conscious intention, and unconscious intention all being irrelevant.

For the average I’m-unconscious-I’m-a-co-creator Joe, this is not usually a good thing.

Setting the Foundation for Self-Sabotage
There we are out on the soccer field at seven years of age.

My parents are forcing me to play this sport. I hate it. I-HATE-IT-I-HATE-IT-I-HATE-IT! ANYTHING would be better than being here. I just want it to be OVER. NOW. I NEVER want to play sports EVER AGAIN!

And then something unexpected happens…

As we’re dribbling the soccerball, when an opponent tries to kick the ball away he kicks us in the ankle instead. Down we go with a compound fracture.

Emotionally powered co-creation, thank you very much. You’ve shown me that dreams do come true. You’ve revealed to me one of the invisible yet ever-present laws of the universe: “Ask, and ye shall receive; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”

Okay. So we’re probably not feeling much gratitude, and we probably have no conscious awareness that we were just given exactly what we asked for. But our request did manifest, did it not?

…Fifteen years pass by…

This is frickin' bullshit! Every sport I ever play, no matter when in my life—it always goes to shit! What the hell is wrong with me!?

At a time out of memory our ability to co-create had served us well.

We’d made the empowered assertions that, “ANYTHING would be better than being here,” and, “I NEVER want to play sports EVER AGAIN!” Aside from the annoyance of the broken ankle that followed, we had gotten what we’d desired. Rather than unhappily having to wake up early on cold fall mornings to play a stupid, dreadful sport, we could wake up late and sit in front of the fireplace while playing Super Mario Brothers all day.

Pretty great, huh?

What’s not so great is that, unknown to us, our empowered assertions had created within us a program relating to a profound animosity for sports and the need for a reason to never have to be involved in them again.

In other words, we’d created a subconscious program for self-sabotage.

This essentially means that until the program is resolved, because subconscious thought, and thus unconscious action, typically take priority over the conscious, we will continually and involuntarily sabotage ourselves when taking part in sports—sometimes even before they begin.

Later on in college, for example, we will not be able to simply say, “I want to play rugby now,” and expect all to be well. We will actually have to see the subconscious programming and release it in order to cease the unconsciously manifested self-sabotage action which results of it.

Equal Opportunity Programming
These self-sabotage programs can be created by anyone about anything. For whatever reason(s), we feel fear about following through on an experience and choose to focus our empowered mind on what we would rather have.

I love writing and playing music, but I NEVER want to make it big. Fame makes people puppets and turns lives into hell. I REALLY DON’T WANT that.

Good luck if you change only your conscious mind...

Why do people give me gifts? I DO NOT deserve them. I am NOT worthy of any of this—not the gifts, not the attention, not the honor, none of it. What I DO WANT is to be LEFT ALONE!

Good luck if you change only your conscious mind...

I would love to make arts and crafts for a living… But no—Oh NO!—What would the parents think? I could NEVER do that. They would NEVER show me respect or support me. I’d be judged as WORTHLESS and IRRESPONSIBLE. I’d feel so TERRIBLE. NO, I must do something more practical or otherwise be a FAILURE.

Good luck if you change only your conscious mind...

Recurrent Catastrophe = Red Flag
Because we’re unaware that we are co-creators and because our manifest reality often unfolds with different timing and characteristics than we’d fantasized about, little do we realize that we ourselves create the subconscious ground rules by which it may appear our life is cursed.

We will unwittingly create programs for self-sabotage, yet once their useful lives are over, we will fail to remove them.

Hence, seeming fate. Hence, self-fulfilling prophecy. Hence, the repetition of life and history.

If things we do break down (especially of recurring themes), not naturally but in suffering and catastrophe, this is an excellent indicator of there being a self-sabotage program running under the surface. Such cyclic experiential difficulty doesn’t just happen. It is not in the nature of the universe to create suffering. It is we who must first choose to create it for ourselves.

A Wider Perspective
Look at life as a whole. Look at Mother Nature. Look out into the cosmos on a starry night…

Indeed, as Life does its thing, there is pain to be experienced . Yet it is only the unnecessary, destructive stories we humans create within which cause suffering. All else throughout the vast cosmic expanse is in harmony.

…Unless, of course, there are other beings who are also creating stories! But we’ll worry about that some other time. For now let’s focus on ourselves. Each of us has the keys to personal healing within ourselves, and so it is only we as individuals who can begin the process of healing.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pain and Suffering: What Is and What Is Not

Common Understanding
What is pain? What is suffering?

Generally, we think of pain and suffering as the same thing. Or, maybe with a small variation, that pain is more so what an original instance of hurt results in—ex: the physical hurt of a broken leg—while suffering is the sustained hurt that may come after—ex: physical hurt of a mending leg or the inability to be active during the healing process.

By definition, the dictionary describes each word using the other, and the thesaurus shows them as synonyms.

For the average person this understanding may be sufficient.

In the world of self-help or self-improvement, of spiritual growth, however, this understanding is no longer suitable. It becomes very necessary to draw a clearly defined line between the answers to, “What is pain?” and, “What is suffering?”

Drawing a Line
As the saying goes, We are not physical beings having an occasional spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a temporary physical experience.

We are already spiritual. It is our inherent nature. It’s just that we cannot readily see this because physical life as we know it requires us to experience with veiled awareness.

The holder of this veil is ego.

The ego is important because it offers each of us, as spiritual beings who’re never truly disconnected from the One or each “other,” a sense of self, a unique personality. Where things get rough is when the ego goes untamed and sees itself, and thus the person sees his- or herself, as separate from everything.

The ego does this by creating all sorts of definitions or stories—beliefs—about life, the universe, and everything and holds them all as “true.” But, remember, What we believe we perceive. By the nature of belief and the Law of Non-Interference, Life will not force us to perceive what we do not believe. If we choose to believe something, our perception will always make it appear as such, no matter how ridiculous our rationalization, even were the truth to be right before us.

Back to the veil, then… It is our personal beliefs which keep the veil in place. We choose to believe a story that is not real and so reality cannot reveal itself to us. Said simply: Our beliefs prevent us from experiencing what is.

It’s at the seam between what is and what is not is where we must draw our line between, “What is pain?” and, “What is suffering?”

Should we never make this distinction, we will never really be able to decipher reality from illusion, between what is a fact of now-moment existence and what is a fabrication of the mind which needs not exist and exponentiates the hurt in our lives. This distinction is a requirement should we choose to step beyond the veil of physical existence and truly expand our conscious awareness into the realm of Inner Self or Spirit where neither illusion nor suffering exist.

Pain and Suffering
So… What is pain? What is suffering?

Pain is physical, bio-electric, now-moment hurt.

The body, the vehicle of the mind and soul, is always existing in this physical now-moment. When a leg breaks, the nerves at the point of trauma send their bio-electric signal to the brain, and the brain makes conscious the physical sensation known as pain. If the physical hurt remains in the leg for the next few months until healed, although drawn out, the hurt is still the result of a continuous stream of always now-moment bio-electric signals and so it is still only pain which is experienced.

Suffering, on the other hand, is a function of the mind. Suffering can be the result of two things:
  1. A story/belief (or more) about any physical hurt we may feel.
  2. A story/belief (or more) about any emotions which arise.
To the first point:

When we break a leg in this now-moment we have a choice: Do we accept what is, or do we create a story about what is which causes us to perceive what is not?

We can say: “My leg is broken. There is great physical pain and a lot of blood. I think I see the bone sticking through my flesh.”

Or we can say: “Oh-God!-Oh-God!-Oh-God! I’m going to die! This is the—Ahhhhhhh!—the absolute worst pain I’ve ever been in; the absolute worst day of my life! That bastard shouldn’t have been speeding! He’s over there talking to the police officer like nothing happened, and I’ve got this bone sticking out of my leg! This hospital visit is going to suck! There goes my basketball career! Right down the drain! This should never have happened to me! I've always known this was a dangerous intersection!”

(Wow… How exhausting…)

The former instance is acceptance. It’s an acknowledgement of what is in this physical now-moment. The latter scenario is a perception-clouding illusory tale relating the now-moment experience to prior beliefs and using them to color the present and future. The latter is a mental drama having no bearing in reality, or what is.

The second manner in which suffering can arise is in the rejection of emotion.

Emotion, no matter what that emotion is, is a natural part of the human experience. The only reason any of it appears “wrong” is because suppression-oriented “authoritative” institutions have told us it is so and we have believed them. (It’s easier to control people this way and to have them blindly give away all their power and money.)

If we want to say emotion is ever “wrong,” then it would only be in our rejection and suppression of it and the intensity of harmful, emotionally fueled action that may result when finally vented.

Like when we feel frustrated. We can just feel the frustration and let it go. Or... We can feel frustrated about feeling frustrated, which we “shouldn’t” ever feel, and so hang on to it rather than allowing it to pass through us... And perhaps then allow that frustration to evolve into anger, at which time we feel angry that we've become angry... And possibly follow up that by going into rage. But we "should never" feel rage, so we feel outrage that we feel rage at all... And then maybe, just maybe, our rage takes us into an utter berserk-mode frenzy of extreme violence... All because we refused to fully feel our initial bout of frustration under the mistaken belief that it was "wrong."

But just as we can experience and express “positive” emotion in a healthy manner, so too, with proper education and self-acceptance, can we express “negative” emotion in a healthy manner. This is possible because emotion is neutral. It’s not until we create a prior belief-based mental story in regard to the emotion we feel about a now-moment experience that an emotion becomes “positive” or “negative.”

If our car accident and broken leg fill us with anger, we have the option to use that anger either to talk to our city officials about improving the conditions at that intersection which we’d always known was dangerous or as fuel to drop into rage and hire a hitman to kill the speeder.

The Summing Up
Pain is a bio-electric, always-in-this-physical-what-is-now-moment experience fact of life. Suffering, although seemingly a fact of life, is not. Instead, it is the product of a now-moment experience overlaid by a fantasy story about that experience which exists only within the mind.

Since spiritual growth requires that we break down the veil of ego, we must draw a line between, “What is pain?” and, “What is suffering?”—or, “What is physically now? and, “What is the mind’s illusory tale about what is physically now?” This leads us to clearing out all that creates suffering: that which is false, fear-centered, suppressive, past-based, and future-projected—not of this now-moment.

It is then with continued healing that Spirit can truly reveal itself from within us, that reality can clarify within our perception, and suffering can gradually come to an end.